Youth BJJ

Our Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program is designed for kids and teenagers ages 4-15. We teach self defense techniques through a combination of skill building games, physical conditioning, and mental preparation. Our students not only improve their coordination, agility, and flexibility, they also develop important character traits and values. The confidence they obtain while learning BJJ ultimately helps them perform better in academics, become more outgoing in social settings, and set higher goals for their future. Most importantly, they have fun with great instructors and friends.

There are many martial arts to choose from, but in our opinion, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the most effective and best suited for a child to learn. BJJ techniques are based on leverage and technique. It is a system designed to help a smaller person defeat a larger opponent, which makes it a perfect fit for kids. Our youth students learn how to stay calm in hostile situations. We first teach them to avoid a confrontation if at all possible. But if it isn't, they will know how to engage an opponent, control the situation, and create an opportunity to end a fight without permanent damage to themselves or their opponent. Keeping hold of an aggressor and making them give up is much more humane than giving them a black eye, while potentially hurting your hand in the process.

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Check out our 3000 sq ft Facility, complete with 1800 sq ft of continuious mat space. We are conveniently located on beach blvd, In the Shoppes of Regal shopping center, across from Regal Movie Theaters.